Howdy from Heidi!

Thank You for stopping by!

I hope you got a little chuckle and leave a little lighter and brighter ๐Ÿ˜Š!

They say "Go Big or Go Home" -- I did BOTH!

I went BIG by following my โค and my dream of creating ways to make people laugh and smile. Stand-up comedy didn't seem practical or probable--so I combined my love of color, drawing and painting with my unique brand of humor.

After a detour to Nebraska that lasted a couple of decades, I made the bold decision to come HOME to North Dakota and I now live and create in Fargo, ND. I've always called myself a "city girl from North Dakota" and I've indeed come full-circle.

I began this journey years ago, but it wasn't until one quirky bird was hatched out of a doodle (inspired by my actual Doodle, Barley๐Ÿพ) that I knew where I was headed. My first illustration was the OG -- The Mother Clucker.

She's a beauty and she's FUN to say out loud--try it!

There's much more where she came from--the Quirky Bird Collection is just the start. I've got more collections, ideas and artwork in the making and on the way!

THANK YOU for stopping by--I hope you leave a little lighter ๐Ÿ˜Š.